The most traditional and the most groundbreaking magic merge in the auditorium

Illusionism, interpretation and humor go hand in hand at the International Festival Live the magic of León. The well-known magicians Miguel Ángel Gea and Merpin will be on the stage of the city’s auditorium, on December 26 and 27, to star in the show Vaya par de magos ; a meeting for all audiences that will not leave anyone without their dose of magic, amazement and of course, a lot of fun, because together, one from Madrid and one from Argentina, they will achieve the perfect fusion between the most traditional magic and the most groundbreaking.

Miguel Ángel Gea will enchant the audience by making his cards dance on the mat, multiplying coins and surprising with impossible evasions. This magician from Madrid is one of the most important figures of illusionism on the current scene , although he follows some guidelines from the greats of the past. His specialty is close-up magic, although his shows also include magic on stage, fusion of magic with other arts and even numbers of escapism.

His passion for this artistic branch came at the beginning of the 90s and part of his training lies in the Magical School of Madrid, founded in 1971 by some of the most important representatives of the sector such as Juan Tamariz.

Miguel Ángel Gea has managed to transport his magic to places like China, USA, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Italy or England, among others. In addition, his shows have been awarded repeatedly , being the first award received from the Latin American Congress FLASOMA, in 1999. He was also named Wizard of the Year Ascanio Award in 2000. In 2001 and 2004 he won the prizes of national congresses of Granada and Zaragoza, respectively.

He is also the author of several publications in magazines and books and for years he has also been a lecturer.

Merpin, the ferocious magician , arrives from Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the aim of revolutionizing the Leonese audience with a spectacle of bizarre, provocative, and above all innovative and original magic . This monster television, which manages to move masses in Argentina, will offer a show imbued with surprises, mystery and humor that will make the smallest trick on stage.

His ‘decoded’ shows, along with his courage and charisma on stage, have made Merpin a singular magician and for many he has become one of the great masters of magic in Latin America , and even of all times.

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